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An Uncertain Future for Undocumented Immigrants: Obama’s DAPA Program

file0001770792325There have been a variety of controversies that surround issues on immigration reform and one of the latest problems that have captured the interest of numerous individuals involves President Obama’s DAPA program. The Deferred Action for Parental Accountability program that the President has cobbled together has come under fire from several sectors. The controversy that surrounds this program has risen to such a degree that a temporary suspension of its execution has been mandated by a federal judge from Texas. The effects of this suspension have affected a number of undocumented immigrants who previously held out hope that the DAPA program would provide a solution to the quandaries that they possess regarding their residency status.

One of the immigrants who is feeling the effects wrought by the suspension of the President’s DAPA program is Wilfredis Ayala. Ayala is a Long island construction worker who was previously held under immigration custody but was promptly released after the President announced the impending implementation of the DAPA program. Under the regulations of the president’s proposed program, Ayala should be able to avail of a temporary stay within the U.S. since his son was born in the country. However, after the DAPA program’s suspension was announced, the temporary respite that Ayala enjoyed quickly evaporated. It is a state that he shares along with scores of immigrants. While the President’s administration is currently appealing the decision, further decisions regarding the DAPA program’s future will have to be postponed until after a scheduled March 19 hearing.

One of the biggest concerns that grip the attention of the immigrants who are affected by the program’s suspension has to deal with the prospects of deportation. Several immigrants fear that they may be deported before the program can fully take in effect. While the President expressed that decisions regarding deportation will be held in stasis for qualified immigrants for the DAPA program, a thread of uncertainty remains given the current stance that is being adopted by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department. Several law practitioners have gone on the record to say that officers of the ICE have communicated that their clients are no longer shielded from deportation due to the temporary suspension of the DAPA program rollout.

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