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Is There Anything You Can Do About the U.S. Immigration Backlog?

Anyone trying to immigrate to the United States through the proper channels will know there’s a massive delay in processing caused by a backlog in immigration applications. Other times, applications may be delayed because of visa retrogression, or when a visa that’s current this month, will not be current next month due to the annual limit for applications.

Such delays typically include applications from China, India, and countries in South America, usually running for around 10 years or more.

But there’s actually a way to get around the backlog known only to a few people.

The Grenada and E-2 Investor Visa Loophole

In 2016, Grenada launched an investment program that allows people to become a citizen of Grenada by paying $200,000 (excluding fees), with processing times usually running for just 2 to 3 months.

But here’s the kicker: Grenada has signed the E-2 Investor Treaty with the United States.

The E-2 Treaty allows a citizen of a treaty country to apply for an E-2 visa by investing capital in a U.S. business of their choice. The good news is there is no minimum investment limit—applicants can invest as little as $50,000.

So, after becoming a citizen of Grenada, a foreign national and his family can enter and live in the United States in less than six months. That person can also avail of these benefits:

  • Investors can work in their firm or business they invested in.
  • The investors’ spouses can apply for an open Employment Authorization Document, allowing them to seek work virtually anywhere.
  • The investors’ children can go to U.S. schools and pay the same in-state tuition rates required of any student.
  • Investors and their families can travel back and forth to their homeland and tend to their business at home.

Tedious and Expensive

Obviously, this is an expensive solution for immigrating to the United States. Aside from the costs of becoming a citizen of Grenada, you also need to consider the legal feels and miscellaneous costs of such a move, which estimates say will set you back at least $75,000.

After you obtain citizenship status in Grenada, you also need to:

  • Incorporate a U.S. company
  • Set up an office with a business phone and fax number
  • Register with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Open a bank account with a reasonable deposit
  • Present a feasibility plan for your business
  • Set up a website (possibly)
  • Prepare a franchise purchase (possibly)
  • Speak basic English and have sufficient business experience

For immigrants looking for the fastest way to enter the United States with their families, the Grenada and E-2 visa loophole is a creative way to get around the infamous immigration backlog. But it won’t be easy. Aside from the significantly higher costs of entering the country, you need to work with a knowledgeable and experienced immigration attorney to walk you through the entire process.

If you would like to learn about this immigration option, don’t hesitate to talk the immigration law experts of the Lyttle Law Firm. Call our offices to schedule a consultation with immigration attorney Daniella Lyttle.

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