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Big Business Lobbying Congress to Fix Vital Visa Program

An old refrain in the United States of America goes “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”While the U.S. is certainly the land of opportunity, a modern day melting pot, many companies in the country are looking to continue recruit a diverse cross section of immigrants to come, work, and help continue to make the country prosperous. Particularly, when it comes to high-tech professionals, U.S. businesses realize that one of the keys to keeping the country competitive is the recruitment of foreign professionals who have the requisite qualifications to fill vacancies. With that in mind, a group of businesses have issued an open call to Congress to issue more visas so that they can recruit the talent they need in order to keep growing.

High tech companies such as Microsoft and Google are calling on political leaders in Washington, D.C. to come up with a plan to allow more of the high-tech professionals they need to immigrate to the country. Joining together under a lobbying group called Compete America, companies say that the U.S. immigration policy is hurting their abilities to grow, and costing the country jobs. In fact, according to an online ‘Job Loss’ clock Complete America published in mid-March, the U.S. loses an estimated half million jobs every year due to limits on the H1-B visa -the visa under which most high-tech immigrants enter the country.

According to the designer of the clock, economist Dr. Matthew Slaughter of the Corley and Dartmouth Tuck School of Business, when people immigrate to the U.S. under the H1-B visa the effect is felt across the entire economy. “H-1B jobs tend to create a multiplier, both for the companies that hire these workers and for the suppliers in the supply chain,” Dr. Slaughter said. But everyone is not in agreement that the country needs to bring in more immigrants to fill high-tech jobs.

According to Ira Mehlman, Media Director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, some companies tend to prefer foreign workers, causing them to overlook qualified Americans who can fill the roles just as well. It is Mehlman’s opinion that the companies aligned with Compete America are simply not looking hard enough at home, and that they should focus on developing the American workers who are otherwise close to what the company is searching for.

Every year the U.S. approves 85,000 H1-B visas. The fact that there is such contention surrounding the issue of increasing this number is just another piece of evidence that the nation’s leaders need to finally approve a common sense immigration policy. The Austin immigration attorney at Lyttle Law Firm know that this country’s immigration laws can be tough to understand and difficult to navigate. We have the experience and care needed to help you. Contact us now at 512-215-5225 or visit our website in order to discuss your immigration issue.

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