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Carnival Dream Rescues 39 Cuban Migrants Adrift at Sea

For years immigrants from Caribbean nations have taken to the seas in rickety boats and other sea vessels, looking to immigrate illegally to the United States. This form of immigration is fraught with dangers, as immigrants often find themselves adrift at sea without much food or water. Sadly, many of the immigrants never make it to shore, and go missing at sea. Dangers such as starvation, drowning, and dying of thirst abound. However, some lucky immigrants who find themselves adrift are occasionally given helping hand by a passing sea vessel. This was the case in early May when a cruise ship rescued passengers on a stricken sea vessel.

On May 7 the Carnival Dream cruise ship rescued 39 Cuban migrants who were apparently looking to immigrate to the United States. The rescue, which raised the yearly cruise ship rescue tally to 104 migrants, underscores the perils associated with such a journey. But despite the risks, this kind of migration is currently undergoing a spike. In all of 2013 1357 Cuban migrants were interdicted as sea. Less than halfway through 2014, there have already been over 1000 Cuban migrants intercepted.

According to official statistics approximately 50,000 to 60,000 Cuban migrants arrive in the United States every year, many of them on various kinds of visas. But others, who may be too poor to obtain a visa, or otherwise may not qualify, decide to set sail in an attempt to make the 90 mile trek from Cuba to Miami by boat. Overall, officials say that the flow of Cubans attempting to enter the United States has remained steady over the years, which suggest that the recent year over year increase may be a temporary spike.

As the United States continues to wrangle over improving its immigration policies, those who would come to the United States and form valuable members of the nation’s society continue to seek dangerous and illegal means of entry. These attempts, as can be seen above, often include literally setting oneself adrift at sea and hoping to arrive in a place where freedom and opportunity reign.

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