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Cato Institute Report Confirms Net Benefit of Legal Immigration Opportunities

cato.jpgAccording to a recent report by the Cato Institute, there is a correlation between the number of guest worker visas issued to lower skilled workers in the United States and the number of unauthorized immigrants which enter the country annually. According to the report, the issuance of more visas under the guest worker program correlates with a reduction in the number of unauthorized immigrants, and vice versa.

On the face of it this conclusion seems to be incredibly common sense. Those who enter the country illegally would undoubtedly prefer to come to the United States and work under a legal arrangement. But many find that the country’s visa policies are difficult to navigate, expensive, and overly restrictive. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Cato report also concluded that the ending of the lower skilled worker guest visa program was followed by increases in unauthorized immigration. Specifically, the report states that after the Bracero program was ended in the mid-1960s, the number of illegal immigrants who were subject to removal and return procedures steadily increased as a result of the immigrants’ legal entry avenue having been closed.

Though the writer of the report was not definitive in this assertion, he did indicate that one additional immigrant entering the country legally as a low skilled guest worker corresponded with a reduction of more than one person entering the country illegally. This apparent correlation points to a potential net positive affect of the low skilled guest worker program.

Though comprehensive immigration reform is proving to be a tough sell in the U.S. Congress, reports such as this may help to bring a level of science into the discussion. Most would agree that the country’s immigration laws ought to be respected and enforced. However, as this report indicates, the United States can do much to help foster an atmosphere of legal immigration, and reduce illegal immigration as a result. If you are in need of immigration assistance in Austin, please contact the attorney at the Lyttle Law Firm at 512-215-5225 immediately.

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