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Colombian President Comes Out in Support of Gay Marriage

Juan_Manue_Santos.jpgThough most countries in the world have not legally recognized the rights of people of the same sex to marry, there is nevertheless a strong up swell of legal activity happening in various parts of the globe. Notably, several U.S. states have begun to marry same sex couples as a result of court action, a fact which has even resulted in same sex couples having access to the country’s immigration system. But, in Latin America, same sex marriage as a topic is more taboo than in the United States. This fact makes it all the more remarkable that the president of Colombia recently spoke out in favor of granting same sex couples the right to marry.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos recently said that he believes that marriage between people of the same sex is “perfectly acceptable” and that such unions should have “the same rights and all the same privileges” as all other marriages. This commentary goes along with the presumed position of the Colombian Constitutional Court, which said that same sex couples are entitled to equal rights in a 2011 ruling. The court, however, did not specifically address the right to marry, and instructed the nation’s Congress to implement the ruling by June 2013. No legislation allowing gays to marry was ever passed.

Santos’ statement was in contrast to statements his campaign made in 2010, when he came out in opposition to same sex marriage. Santos is now facing a runoff election against opponent Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, after the May 25 election failed to produce a winner.

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