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Computer Malfunction Slows Already Backlogged Immigration Court System

keyboard-1280072-m.jpgMany Americans will probably be surprised to learn that the nation’s immigration courts face significant backlogs in processing all kinds of immigration cases, from deportations to applications for residency. In extreme situations some who have petitioned the country for permanent residency have been forced to wait 15 years or more to have their cases to be adjudicated, only to find that additional waiting would be necessary. It is with this situation as a back drop that the nation’s immigration courts report that a computer problem is causing even further delays in the adjudication of deportation cases.

A series of computer bugs is preventing immigration court clerks from accessing court records and entering new records into the database. These troubles, which are also hampering efforts to make audio recordings of court hearings, are causing a delay in the adjudication of deportation cases. These delays mean that people are remaining behind bars for longer periods of time than necessary, which causes the U.S. taxpayer in the form of additional fees for their detainment.

Considering the fact that U.S. immigration courts had a backlog of over 350,000 cases for the fiscal year which ended in September, any additional delays simply makes an already difficult situation even worse. The Executive Office for Immigration Review, which is the Justice Department agency responsible for the immigration court system, says that the problems are a result of “hardware failure.” The department says that courts will continue to operate on their normal schedules, and that some cases may be continued as a result of the technical difficulties.

The fact that the United States is facing a backlog of over 350,000 immigration cases is mind boggling. The country cannot hope to process all of these cases in a timely manner, especially when its hardware systems are not reliable. But even with perfectly functioning computer systems, the nation’s immigration courts face significant backlogs as a result of a hodgepodge of immigration laws and practices which are being implemented across the country.

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