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Do Americans Want immigration or Not?

A new survey by Gallup has shown that more Americans appear to want there to be less immigration to the United States, with the percentage of those anti immigration rising to 41 percent today, from 35 percent a couple of years ago. However, those results do not paint the whole picture as it relates to American’s attitudes about immigration.

Looking at the data by party affiliation, the Gallup poll found that 50 percent of Republicans felt that there should be less immigration, as compared to only 32 percent of Democrats.

The new results come as the immigration debate is at the forefront of the minds of the country’s citizens after the recent debates in Congress and the problems at the border with Mexico where tens of thousands of children have recently been caught entering the country illegally.

However, the overall figure of 41 percent, as highlighted in the survey, does not tell the whole story and it should not be assumed that Americans are becoming more anti-immigration. A New York Times poll from May this year showed 46 percent of Americans thought all immigrants should be welcomed to the United States, which is an increase over 2010 when the figure stood at 33 percent – and almost double from 2007 when it was 24 percent. In addition, 66 percent of respondents said that immigrants contribute to the country, whereas twenty to thirty years ago the poll showed that the majority thought immigrants were more likely to cause problems than make a positive contribution.

Also, 2010 a CNN/Opinion Research poll showed that 60 percent of Americans thought that those in the country illegally should simply be deported, rather than given the opportunity to legalize their status. Now, the position has changed with only 41 percent thinking they should be deported. And one more study, this time from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, showed that 54 percent of Americans thought that the addition of immigrants to the country made the U.S.A. a much stronger nation overall, which is an increase of 13 percentage points over 2006.

The overall shift appears to be that the country is becoming more tolerant towards immigration. But old divisions continue, with many continuing to believe that illegal immigrants should be deported. But, at the end of the day, the United States is a country of immigrants and immigration is at the very heart of the American people and what the country represents. However actually deciding on what the specific policies of immigration and deportation should be and how they should be enacted will continue to be a bone of contention, especially amongst those with different political leanings. If you need help with an immigration issue, call the Austin immigration lawyer at the Lyttle Law Firm at 512-215-5225, or visit our website today.

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