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Google Executive Says Immigration Changes Would Benefit the U.S. Economy

moneyThere are a variety of immigration – related issues that have rocked the business world and affected a slew of foreign workers, One of the major areas that business executives are concerned with have to deal with the availability of work visas that are made available to various foreigners who possess the technical skills that industry leaders need from an expanding workforce. These views were fully solidified at the American Enterprise Institute through the presence of one of Google’s top executives, Eric Schmidt. Schmidt is of the opinion that one of the biggest priorities that take precedence within the sector of immigration reform has to deal with the availability of work visas to foreign workers. Schmidt is leaning towards welcoming more immigrants into the country but states that priorities should be geared towards immigrants who possess skill sets that could be utilized by burgeoning industries.

One of the biggest sources of frustration that Schmidt is grappling with when it comes to immigration reform policies has to deal with the way the U.S. Government manages its approach towards immigrants. Schmidt expressed that the trend of educating foreigners and ushering them out of the country upon the completion of their respective degrees has taken its toll on American businesses. The executive asserted that these foreign workers take their education and their skills with them and proceed to build operations that end up competing with the established ventures that already exist within the U.S.

Schmidt is adamant about the fact that extensive reform has to be paid to the way the government approaches the distribution of H – 1B visas. By neglecting to provide American educated immigrants with the opportunity to become legal residents of the U.S., Schmidt says that the country is depriving itself of several business opportunities. Allowing these immigrants to stay would mean an increase in the pool of skills that industry leaders can tap into and an exponential increase in employment rates should these immigrants opt to establish business operations of their own. It is no secret that the topic of immigration reform policy has split lawmakers into separate camps for years. Schmidt asserts that separating other immigration concerns from the possibility of expanding the H – 1B visa program would expedite developments within the area of the latter example. One of the executive’s biggest beliefs is that several lawmakers do share the same views that he harbors. Prioritizing this concern would yield massive benefits for every party involved.

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