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ICE Ends Controversial Detention Practices by Releasing Immigrant Families

family-492891_640Undocumented immigrants who are caught in the thick of removal proceedings have to deal with a number of challenges. Recently, immigration authorities have had to deal with flak from immigrant supporters. The controversy stems from the practice of detaining immigrant families in detention centers. The family detention centers are located in Berks County, Pa., and Karnes City and Dilly, Texas. Various claims have been made about the treatment that immigrants receive from authorities while they are being detained. Reports involving suicide attempts by immigrants under lockup have added fueled the rising clamor from immigrant supporters pushing for the shutdown of these detention centers.

Now, authorities in the U.S. immigration system have come forward and released a statement addressing the controversial practice of detaining immigrant families. On Monday, immigration officials have officially stated that immigrants held in the South Texas detention centers will be released if they pass the first step in the asylum process. The decision is a victory for undocumented immigrants and their supporters. Weeks prior to the announcement, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said that more than 2,000 immigrant women and children held in the Karnes County and Dilly detention centers were slated for release.

The Department of Homeland Security has gone on the record to state that there is a need to reconsider the practice of detaining immigrant families who have established a credible reason for seeking asylum. Many immigrants come to the United States each year to flee from cases of extreme poverty or persecution from their home countries. The sensitive case of housing these immigrant families has the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement examining each resident that is being housed at the agency’s family detention centers. The final word when it comes to the practice of detaining immigrant families is positive. Authorities of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency have gone on the record to state that they will no longer be detaining immigrant mothers and children who do not pose a clear threat to national security for as long as they are able to establish a credible reason to fear persecution if they were to be removed from U.S. territory. The decision to release these immigrants is also contingent the provision of a verifiable residential address.

It is critical for immigrants to be able to pass the credible and reasonable fear interview in the asylum process before they are released. Legal aid can help resolve immigration issues considerably. Contact aniella Lyttle at Lyttle Law Firm, PLLc by calling 512-215-5225 to begin resolving your legal woes.

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