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I’m Meeting with an Immigration Lawyer: How Should I Prepare?

36322_people.jpgAs an Austin immigration lawyer, I have met with many couples, families, and employers to discuss their immigration matter. My goal is to provide you with some useful tips to prepare for your initial consultation with an immigration lawyer.
lawyer are trained to listen to a set of facts, apply the law, and advise clients on how to attain specific goals. With immigration, most people have similar goals — to obtain legal status; However, understand that there are various paths to obtaining legal immigrant status so it is important to be honest and provide the lawyer with as much information as possible. One single fact or set of events can open up a different and more advantageous immigration option.

Before meeting with an immigration lawyer, I suggest you call their office and ask to speak to the lawyer. Do you get to talk to the lawyer directly? does the lawyer spend some time listening to you and figuring out if he or she can help? most lawyer do not take every type of immigration case. If the lawyer does not talk to you to learn the basics about your case, you risk spending your money to see a lawyer that cannot help you anyways.

When you schedule your first immigration consult, make sure you are prepared to explain every detail of your immigration status. Do not hide anything from the lawyer. Remember that your communications with the lawyer are protected by the attorney-client privilege. Gather as much information as possible, bring copies of prior immigration filings, criminal conviction records, and any other relevant information.
It also a good idea to come prepared with questions. Do not be afraid to interrupt the lawyer to ask questions that are relevant to you case. If you do not understand something, ask.

Also, it is important to remember that your lawyer works for YOU. After you have been fully informed and have reviewed your options, you and your lawyer should discuss your options. But you must decide upon a course of action suitable for your situation.
Immigration cases take time to get resolved. If a lawyer offers you “quick” results, get another lawyer. The best lawyer are the ones that are honest with you and tell you when no options are available or when your chosen course of action is a bad idea. Lastly, if during the consultation the immigration lawyer promises or guarantees you a result, get another lawyer. There are no absolutes in immigration law.

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