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Immigrant Deportation Rates Continue to Dwindle Under Obama’s Administration

woman-594465_1280Over recent years, there has been a lot of debate surrounding the subject of immigration reform. President Obama’s administration was the focus of much heated controversy because several of its proposals for immigration reform did not sit well with other government officials. The conservative sector, in particular, has adopted a hard line stance when it comes to the implementation of extensive immigration reform. Should Obama’s proposals become law, the move would save millions of undocumented immigrants from the threat of deportation. A federal judge from Texas has prevented the immigration reform proposals from being implemented. While this is a development that has stymied the Obama administration’s efforts for the time being, there are positive indicators that the conditions of undocumented immigrants are improving under the President’s tenure.

One of the bigger indicators that Obama’s tenure as President has resulted in improved conditions for immigrants manifests itself in lower rates of deportation. A close look at the incidents of deportation for the past 10 years gives undocumented immigrants a good idea of the steady decrease of removal incidents under President Obama’s administration. Concrete statistical data gives everyone a more detailed picture of the numbers involved. As of April 20 this year, there have been 127,378 incidents involving immigrant removals. Historically, this is the lowest reported rate of removals since the middle of previous US President George W. Bush’s second term.

There are a lot of variables involved in this estimation. . If the figure mentioned above is any indicator, the government averages about 19,730 removal proceedings each month. If things stay on this track, the incidents in removals should come up to 236,000 by September of this year.  This would still be the lowest reported figure in terms of deportations since 2006. Homeland security officials have directed their efforts towards prioritizing removal proceedings for criminals and immigrants who have entered the US through border crossings

2012 had the highest deportation rate in the US when Immigration and Customs Enforcement reported a record of 409,849 removals. Over the past few years, that number has drastically reduced. One of the factors that play a significant role in this trend is Homeland Security’s renewed efforts to remove undocumented immigrants who prove to be a threat to national security. Programs that have protected young immigrants from deportation also contribute to the reduced removal rates. Still, some officials who aren’t keen on Obama’s immigration reform attempts see this trend as a negative. Conservatives have been quick to tag dwindling removal rates as a sign that immigration officials no longer have the drive or the inclination to rigidly enforce immigration laws.

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