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Immigrants Grapple With Safety and Deportation Concerns after Recent San Francisco Killing

In the United States, there are a number of issues that surround the topic of immigration. Undocumented immigrants constantly worry about scenarios that involve removal proceedings. Lately, the anxiety levels of the immigrant community in the United States have spiked. One of the forces that influence this growing sense of anxiety is the perceived negative portrayal of immigrants in the media. Criminal incidents that involve immigrants do nothing to improve the plight of the greater U.S. immigrant community. Recently, an incident involving an undocumented immigrant in San Francisco has immigrants in the U.S. bracing for a possible backlash from political pundits and media outlets.

The recent killing of Kati Steinle on San Francisco’s Pier 41 is bad enough but the incident takes on an added dimension given the involvement of an undocumented immigrant. Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez is an undocumented immigrant who had been removed from the country numerous times. Sanchez killed Steinle on San Francisco’s Pier 41 and the incident is adding fuel to the growing issues surrounding the U.S. immigrant’s plight. The conservative sector has been extremely vocal when it comes to the topic of establishing more stringent immigration policies. Donald Trump, in particular, has gained a great deal of media attention from some of his more recent statements concerning the issue of immigration.

Trump has leveraged the incident involving Sanchez to fuel his stance on enforcing stricter immigration policies. Trump’s opinions regarding the U.S. immigration community have been extremely controversial. Trump particularly singled out undocumented immigrants who hail from Mexico, calling them “rapists” and “killers.” Trump’s statements and considerable media presence have fueled the debacle on immigration policy to uncomfortable levels and immigrants are feeling the pressure. The biggest concern that immigrants harbor is that these incidents may push U.S. authorities to enforce a more aggressive approach towards deportations.

Immigrants have expressed that the opinion of the public towards them is growing more negative as the media trumpets violent incidents that involve undocumented immigrants. Deportation and safety issues are some of the biggest concerns of U.S. immigrants. Statistically, crime rates have fallen even as the U.S. immigration community grew within the 1990 – 2010 period. This fact does nothing to allay the fears of U.S. immigrants. While U.S. immigration officials are focusing on removing immigrants who have been convicted of crimes, immigrants everywhere are fearful of the possible consequences that recent incidents may bring.

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