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Immigration Reform Debate Continues: NJ Gov. Christie Sides with Opposition

The controversy gathering around President Obama’s proposed immigration policies continue to heighten as various political representatives take opposing sides in the ongoing debate. The proposed shift in immigration reform put forward by Obama’s administration could spare countless undocumented immigrants from being deported if it gets passed. The President’s proposals, however, have been met with a great deal of furor and contention from different sectors. Recently, several states have expressed support for the move to block the President’s proposals from being passed. The states who oppose the President’s executive action are adamant about the fact that these changes would yield great losses for the nation as a whole.

One of the more notable developments that have emerged from the ongoing immigration debate is the relatively quiet stance that has been taken by a New Jersey Governor. Chris Christies has decided to back efforts to block the President’s plans from being passed without much fanfare. It is interesting to note that Gov. Chris Chrsitie has been relatively quiet about his stance when it comes to the country’s immigration policies. In the past, Christie had been vocal about the President’s actions on immigration reform without clearly delineating his opinion on the revisions and changes that need to be made. While Christie’s office did not announce his decision to explicitly support the opposition of the President’s proposals with considerable fanfare, the Governor’s actions are a clear indicator of which side his opinion falls when it comes to the developing immigration reform debate.

The political forces that seek to block the President’s actions question the ability of the President to make wholesale changes in Immigration policies in such an independent manner.  The biggest point that has consistently been brought up by the people who oppose the President’s proposals is that the latter’s actions go directly against certain precepts that are established in federal law. The 26 states that have supported the move to block the policies from being passed express that the country would have to invest a significant amount of resources to bestow benefits onto undocumented immigrants who have been residing in the country illegally. While a sense of opposition is prominent, there are also supporters who back the changes that are being planned by the President’s administration. Supporters express that the act of bestowing government benefits onto these immigrants would allow them to contribute to the country’s productivity in an open and unrestricted manner thereby yielding several positive developments for the nation as a consequence.

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