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Immigration Still a Hot Button Topic Among Americans

passport1.jpgThe issue of immigration is alive and well in America and has been picking up steam exponentially throughout the course of the current President’s term. One of the many topics within this contentious issue is that of whether or not illegal immigrants who are living in the country should be allowed to stay and pursue legal residency of one kind or another. A recent survey showed more than 60 percent of Americans believe that they should be allowed to become full on citizens and that nearly 20 percent believe that illegals should indeed be allowed some type of residency but not be allowed citizenship. Nineteen percent of those surveyed believe they should not be allowed to remain in the country at all.

The same survey showed that about 45 percent of Americans believe that illegal immigrants actually are beneficial to the nation’s economy in that they essentially provide cheap labor. Nearly as many, however, believe that illegals are a detriment to the economy because they drive down wages. This is compared to just over one year ago in March of 2013 when it was found that 56 percent who were of the belief that illegal immigrants were a detriment to the economy.

Regardless of the opinion trends and the relative importance placed on the issue of illegal immigration in the United States, the survey also showed that it is not nearly the priority among Americans that health care and the economy are. For consistency, the same households were surveyed in both the 2013 as well as the 2014 nationwide poll. Additionally, the survey found that nearly 60 percent of Americans believe that the influx of immigrants over the past several years has worked to strengthen society in America while 37 percent believe that it is detrimental to society because it serves as a threat to traditional American values.

An interesting element of the survey was in relation to what factors seemed to influence public opinion in regard to the issue of illegal immigration in America. It was found that opinions against citizenship for illegals among respondents correlated heavily with their admission that they rely on FoxNews as their primary source of political and current events information. This is well in line with the findings that showed that support for deportation was most abundant among Republican respondents. Conversely, respondents who claimed to rely on the more leftist MSNBC for their news were found to have more favorable views toward immigrants and immigration.

In the end, while no direct correlation between negative opinions about immigration and the current President’s job performance could be found, the survey did show that certain minority groups were less likely to vote in the upcoming midterm congressional elections partly because of their disappointment with Barack Obama.

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