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Justice Department Penalizes Employer for Discriminatory Employment Practices against Immigrants

There are a number of issues regarding employment opportunities that beset immigrants residing in the United States. Even after an immigrant has been granted a work authorized permit, there is a chance that he might still encounter some form of employment discrimination. Under the Immigration and Nationality act, employers are prohibited from discriminating against work authorized non-US citizens. In spite of this fact, some instances of employer discrimination come to the surface. Recently, the Justice Department settled a case involving farm labor contractor company, Luis Esparza Services Inc. The company was found guilty of discriminating against individuals because of their citizenship status.

Luis Esparza Services Inc. imposed additional documentary requirements to work authorized immigrants as part of their employment procedures. The company did not require U.S. citizens to provide these documents. Under the immigration and Nationality act, employers are prohibited from imposing additional documentary requirements on immigrants due to their citizenship status. The employment verification procedures of the company were found to be discriminatory. As a result, the settlement agreement that the company signed forced them to pay the largest civil penalty that the US Justice Department has secured under the discrimination clause of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

As part of the settlement agreement, Luis Esparza Services inc. is required to pay civil penalties amounting to $320,000. The company is also required to compensate a worker who lost wages due to their discriminatory employment verification procedures. The Justice Department has required the company to change its employment procedures. An exhaustive review of previous employment procedures that were carried about by the company is also in the offing.

The settlement agreement comes as a major victory for immigrants and their supporters. With this, the Justice Department has exhibited a clear sense of commitment when it comes to resolving discriminatory employment procedures. The Immigration and Nationality act protects work authorized immigrants from unscrupulous employer recruitment processes. Hiring and firing an individual on the grounds of citizenship status is prohibited by the Immigration and Nationality Act. Some other prohibitions include employer intimidation and recruiting non-US citizens in exchange for an additional fee.

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