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Kansas Secretary of State Kobach on Obama’s Executive Order

KobachUsing their influence over the Kansas Legislature, Conservatives have succeeded in restricting reproductive rights, lowering tax rates, and limiting the power of teacher unions. Countering Obama’s immigration reform has not been so easy, however. Determined to fight back against illegal immigration, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has proposed a bill which declares the President’s executive action unconstitutional.

Kobach, like many Republicans, opposes the Federal Government’s initiative of halting the deportation of nearly 5 million immigrants. The new bill would prevent businesses that hire undocumented immigrants from deducting their wages from state income taxes. It would also restrict an immigrant’s ability to obtain state ID cards and driver’s licenses. Kansas is one of only 25 states that is challenging Obama’s executive action in a Federal Court in Texas.

Kobach claims that Obama abused his authority by issuing his executive order and that the state of Kansas will continue to treat undocumented workers as being in the United States illegally.

“I hope Kansas legislators will step forward and take the correct legal stand that Obama’s actions are illegal and unconstitutional,” Kobach said. The new legislation proposed by the Kansas Secretary of State is just one bill amongst many across the nation which has been designed to reverse the President’s decision.

Previous attempts at limiting immigration reform have proven to be unsuccessful, however, and Kobach hopes that 2015 will be ripe for proposing anti-immigrant legislation. The unpopularity of Obama’s executive order has already resulted in several court battles, stirring controversy at both national and state levels.

Kobach considers Kansas to be the sanctuary of the Midwest, and the only place in the five-state area that refuses to direct in-state funds to undocumented residents.

The Kansas Chamber of Commerce vehemently opposes his actions and is leading a statewide immigration reform initiative.. Three years ago, the organization supported a program that allowed guest workers to remain in the countryif they contributed to agriculture, or any other field of activity that was experiencing a shortage of labor. Chamber President Mike O’Neal feels that debates over immigrant labor often get out of hand, and that the issue is best left to the federal government.

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