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Lawmakers Explore Immigration Reform Issues from an Economic Perspective

Lawmakers Explore Immigration Reform Issues from an Economic PerspectiveThere are a number of conflicting points of view whenever the subject of immigration reform rears its head. President Obama’s attempts to implement extensive immigration reform have resulted in a great deal of controversy. Conservatives rallied to block the executive order that Obama’s administration had crafted. Obama’s plans would have granted legal status to millions of immigrants if there wasn’t such a strong sense of opposition from varied camps. Undocumented immigrants and their supporters may feel a sense of defeat as far as the question of reform is concerned but it is important to be aware of the fact that immigration reform isn’t an issue that’s dead in the water. Several lawmakers are invested in the topic of reform for as long as its extent is mapped out in a measured manner.

Business owners and purveyors of the American economy in particular are keen on increasing the caps on the amount of skilled undocumented immigrant workers who are allowed to enter and reside in the United States. Tech companies in particular are eyeing immigrants with a professional skill set that is geared towards the fields of mathematics and science and technology. Some of the supporters who back immigration reform are spurred by productivity requirements. The increased influx of immigrants with the skills that various industries require could have positive effects on the state of the American economy.

Spurred by economic concerns, lawmakers are eyeing the possibility of passing a number of bills that could increase the number of skilled immigrant workers who are allowed to work in the United States. There is still some amount of opposition surrounding this move. People who take a decidedly conservative stance when it comes to reform issues see a piecemeal vetting of each bill to have a greater chance of being passed over a comprehensive approach towards introducing immigration reform. This gradual approach comes with other specifics. The focus of reform should be directed towards highly skilled workers and entrepreneurs. The preference afforded to immigrant workers who fall under this category does not extend to unskilled immigrant workers. Low skilled immigrant workers are not seen to have as positive an effect as their more educated counterparts do.

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