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Is The New Immigration Law Causing A Positive Snowball Effect?

The changes that will result from President Obama’s immigration reform have created quite some controversy. President Obama is not the only one who has been working towards a more flexible immigration policy, however. Federal courts have been coming down hard on states with controversial policies, including Alabama and Arizona.

Utah officials recently announced that the state will be dropping some controversial parts of its current immigration legislation. Experts predict that this will be the first of numerous states to gradually retreat from what many consider to be controversial immigration laws.

The strictest part of the Utah immigration law is the so-called “show me your papers.”  This rule demanded that law enforcement officers check the immigration status of anyone who committed a serious crime, as well as minor infractions, including traffic violations. Many believed that the “show me your papers” law encouraged racial profiling and also caused fear in the immigrant communities of Utah. Luckily, Utah officials have now decided to scrap the “show me your papers” law from the states current immigration legislation.

Restrictive immigration laws, such as the ones in Utah, only started to gain popularity in 2010. Many states were trying to restrict illegal immigration in the U.S., but adopted a policy of fear instead.

Alabama has also decided to adjust its immigration policy. In 2013, the Department of Justice forced the state of Alabama to remove several parts of its immigration law, including a requirement that immigrants register their status with the state and another measure that treated transporting illegal immigrants as a criminal offense.

With the general immigration law becoming a lot more flexible in Utah, immigration lawyers wonder if this is the start of a snowball effect. Many contend that changes to immigration laws at the national and state level are far overdue, since they incorporate a state of fear instead of helping immigrants become better contributors to the U.S. economy, culture and society.

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