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Number of Families and Unaccompanied Children Crossing US-Mexico Border Declining

US-Mexico-Border.jpgFor the better part of 2014 the southern border of the United States was being inundated with unaccompanied minors crossing over into the country, many of them having made the unimaginably long and arduous trek from Central American countries through the Mexican desert. But over the last two months there has been a gradual decline in their numbers, according to officials at the US Department of Homeland Security. The announcement, which came this week, stated that the number of youth immigrants who have crossed the US-Mexico border without adult accompaniment is the lowest it has been since February of 2013.

Lowest Number in 18 Months

Immigrant children have been crossing the border into the United States in record numbers over the last 18 months with the highest numbers coming in late Spring and early summer of this year. In May and June 10,580 and 10,622 unaccompanied children were apprehended at the southern border, respectively, while the month of August only saw 3,141 unaccompanied children trying to cross over. The number of families apprehended has also gone down with more than 16,000 being apprehended at the border in June and fewer than 3,300 being apprehended through the month of August.

There has been a tremendous amount of political mudslinging around the immigration issue with members of the Obama administration calling out Republicans for “exploiting” the situation of the influx of children and families crossing the border in record numbers. The President himself has stated that he will not be revealing any plans for immigration policy reform until after the November elections and likely until after the New Year. This comes literally one day after he promised to make a move in one direction or another “very soon”. The broken promises on the part of Obama have frustrated immigration advocates to the point that many have issued threats that they will not vote in the elections unless the President follows through on his promises.

Latino Community Feels Betrayed

Meanwhile other members of the administration have stated that Obama will indeed act by the end of the year but the precedent that has been set in that regard to this point leaves immigrants and their advocates skeptical. The Latino community has expressed its frustration in the media and has said that their enthusiasm for voting in November is waning as a direct result of the President’s waffling. Meanwhile, a rally is planned for next week by the Colorado Immigrants Rights Coalition and is scheduled to be held just outside the office of Colorado Senator Michael Bennett. The rally is, according the organizers, an attempt to “express the anger and disappointment” that the Latino community is feeling as a result of the Senate Democrats and their role requesting that the President put off taking executive action in favor of bipartisan politics.

The consensus is that President Obama has continued to lie his way around the immigration issue and policy reform and illegal immigrants in general and the Latino community in particular feel collectively and individually betrayed. To hear many advocacy group leaders tell it, the President has been filling their hearts and minds with “false hopes and false promises” long enough.

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