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Obama Administration Presides Over Deportation Drop

deport.jpgWhether it is due to pressure from several immigration groups around the country or for other reasons altogether, President Barack Obama and his administration have reduced the number of deportations of undocumented immigrants. This cut back represents the first decline in deportation numbers in over ten years and is also in sharp contrast to the record number of deportations that took place during Obama’s first term which many believe was simply his way of proving his determination to enforce immigration policy. Between October 1 of 2012 and September 7 of this year there were 343,020 deportations throughout the country which, assuming that trend continued through the end of fiscal 2013 at the end of September, would mean that deportations and calls to immigration attorney around the country were the lowest they have been in six years.

Despite the decreased deportation numbers, Obama still faces criticism from the Hispanic community in America for those numbers still being too high in its collective estimation. Immigration has been a hot button topic for a long time now and is only heating up with the recent record-high numbers of deportations during Obama’s time in office thus far. House Republicans have seen to it that policy reform remains at a standstill and lawmakers have presented strong opposition to policy changes that have been supported by both the President as well as former Commander in Chief George W. Bush. The overall sentiment among republicans is that there must be stricter enforcement of current immigration laws before real reform can be implemented.

Hispanic democrats made the difference in the two elections in which Barack Obama was elected but that hasn’t stopped that particular demographic from voicing their displeasure with this handling of immigration law. Protests have been widespread from immigration activists who most recently demonstrated against the President in San Francisco in November during a speech he was giving there. Prominent Hispanic democrats have promised that activists groups and others in opposition to Obama’s immigration tactics will not stop making their voices heard until policy reform becomes a reality. One democrat in particular criticized Obama for making promises to protect undocumented citizens and offer them a path to citizenship and at the same time deporting them in record numbers. In the five years he has been in Office so far Barack Obama has deported almost the same number of immigrants as did George W. during his eight years and nearly as many as all of the American Presidents in the 108 years between Benjamin Harrison and Bill Clinton.

There is a marked difference between Bush’s immigration enforcement policies and those of Barack Obama. Bush was more interested in raiding businesses that were known or suspected of employing undocumented workers while Obama is focused on what certain prominent former members of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency – or ICE – refer to as “national security, public safety, and border security.” But regardless of the motive for enforcement the issue remains a touchy one and will until reform is implemented.

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