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Obama Under Even More Pressure to Act on Immigration

Americans are becoming more impatient with each passing day regarding the number of foreign nationals who have been attempting to cross over the US-Mexican border and enter the United States illegally and President Obama is feeling the heat. Advocates for immigration reform are demanding that Obama act immediately on not only addressing the issue of the exploding numbers of people coming into the country illegally but on definitively putting a stop to it. The President declared this week that he would bypass Congressional approval and take action himself in order to make changes to the nation’s immigration policy that he feels are overdue.

One of the biggest issues within the overall immigration issue is the unprecedented number of children from Central American countries who are trying to cross the border unaccompanied by an adult. Since October of 2013, there have been more than 52,000 children who have crossed over alone and been taken into custody by Border Patrol agents. Many of them have left home to get away from domestic abuse and other adverse conditions but few have made it successfully into the country without being captured by the Border Patrol. Obama has used the epidemic of unaccompanied children as the focal point of his argument for the need for massive immigration reform. Republicans,, however, blame Obama’s policies for causing the problem in the first place.

Despite the fact that many of the children are trying to get away from abuse, gangs, and poverty, the US government as well as officials from several Central American governments agree that something must be done to stop the influx of children into the US.

Recently in California, protesters stood en masse on a US highway and blocked several Homeland Security transport buses from proceeding to an immigration processing center in San Diego. The buses were carrying children who had crossed into the country illegally and without adult accompaniment. They were flown there from the border in Texas as a means of helping to relieve the pressure on Texas agents who have been inundated in recent months with unaccompanied children crossing illegally.

The number of people deported during Barack Obama’s presidency is higher than it has ever been. Several political officials have made a promise to bring political sanctions down on Republicans who don’t take action on immigration. While Obama has threatened to bypass Congress and make policy changes without its approval, he has also stated that his preference is to work with Congressional leaders in order to come to amicable changes and pass legislation that is mutually agreed upon. Both the Homeland Security Secretary as well as the Attorney General have been asked by the President to offer their recommendations on what action should be taken and to do so by the end of the summer. One suggestion that has already hit his desk is focusing on deporting individuals with serious criminal histories but that has already been attempted and it didn’t work out well.

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