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Obama’s Immigration Executive Action Q & A

The country waits as President Barack Obama readies his series of executive actions which are expected to provide deportation relief to up to 5 million or more undocumented immigrants. As political analysts, the immigrants who would benefit from the actions, and the rest of the nation waits, there are many questions surrounding the President’s perspective executive actions. Though the President has not yet announced his program, here we will take a look at some questions and answers based on information which has been reported in the media.

Q: Who would benefit from the President’s executive actions?

A: While President Barack Obama has not yet announced the details of his immigration plan, it has been widely reported that his executive orders will cover parents of U.S. citizens and legal residents, essentially delaying deportation for them and allowing them to remain in the United States. Additionally, it is thought that the program will expand the DACA program to cover up to an additional 500,000 people.

Q: What kind of relief is being proposed?

A: Media reports indicate that the President is considering delaying deportation for the targeted undocumented immigrant groups, taking away the threat of deportation, and allowing them to apply for social security numbers and to work legally. But, because this relief will come as the result of executive orders, and not congressional legislation, it could be rescinded by executive order by a future administration.

Q: Will this action give citizenship to undocumented immigrants?

A: The proposals being reported in the media do not indicate that the President will attempt to give citizenship or full residency to undocumented immigrants.

Q: Will there be an application process that undocumented immigrants must follow?

A: Several news outlets have reported that the Obama Administration will require undocumented immigrants to apply for delayed deportation relief. Furthermore, there is some indication that the administration may provide an incentive to undocumented immigrants by offering a 50% discount off the application fee for the first 10,000 applicants.

Q: Will undocumented immigrants be able to return to their home countries, and then legally reenter the United States?

A: In order to enter the United States an immigrant needs a valid U.S. visa. Based on the current reporting, the President’s executive orders will not provide undocumented immigrants with such visas. Hence, should a person apply for and receive delayed deportation, they will likely be unable to reenter the United States legally, should they decide to travel abroad.

Q: When will the president release the exact details of the program?

A: President Obama has promised to take his executive actions by the end of the year if Congress does not pass comprehensive immigration legislation before then.

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