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President Obama Faces Scrutiny Over Uncle’s Immigrant Status

Barack Obama’s uncle, Onyango Okech Obama, has been living and working in the United States as an illegal alien for the past fifty years. Recently, however, a federal judge ruled that Obama could remain in the country and obtain his green card. The judge based much of his decision on the elder Obama’s record which includes a stellar employment record, tax documents, rent payments, and a lack of any type of government assistance. It was also helpful that there is a federal immigration “grandfather” law that allows individuals who immigrated to the U.S. prior to 1972 to put in a residency application. Obama has been living in the States since 1963. His immigration attorney have been fighting for Mr. Obama’s residency for some time now and the battle is finally over and won.

Obama made mention during his testimony of his nephew’s having stayed with him for several weeks after Barack had been accepted into law school. He was described by his attorney as a proud and quiet man who is one of the most honorable clients she has ever represented. He was, however, arrested in 2011 for drunk driving and put on a type of probationary punishment in which he was required to check in with the immigration department on a regular basis for a specified period. At that time Obama was not in the country legally and it was discovered that he had been ordered on a previous occasion to leave the country which he obviously did not do.

Federal immigration officials have 30 days from the date of the ruling to appeal the court’s decision. But as mentioned before he was found to be in right standing with U.S. federal law and meets other criteria in order to become a permanent legal resident. He made mention of the current U.S. president having stayed with him when it was declared during one of his hearings that the White House has made the assertion that Barack Obama had never met him.

The court’s ruling as a whole adds fuel to the already raging fire that is the overall issue of immigration in the United States. To many it may seem as though the elder Obama received some level of special treatment because of his claim that he is the president’s uncle. It is difficult to determine how many other illegal immigrants with similar background and character elements have been deported over the years because they lacked a relative in a powerful government position. It is entirely possible that the elder Obama was indeed allowed to stay in the United States solely because of his record and that his famous and powerful nephew was just an aside. But it is equally possible that their relation played something of a role in the federal judge’s decision. Whether that role was conscious or not is also difficult to determine and is now, for all intents and purposes, a moot point.

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