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President Obama and Mexican President Nieto Meet to Discuss Immigration

President Obama met with Mexico’s president, Mr. Enrique Peña Nieto, on January 6th, to discuss common state matters, including immigration. The visit from Mr. Peña Nieto to Washington comes at a time of mutually increased cooperation between the two countries. This is in concurrency with the efforts being made by both the US and Mexico to normalize their respective relations with Cuba.

President Obama and President Nieto on US immigration

Amongst the issues that were discussed during the visit was the topic of undocumented immigrants crossing the border from Mexico into the US. President Nieto expressed his gratitude towards President Obama and his administration for having taken steps that will protect millions of immigrants (11.2 million as of 2012) from being deported. Obama also thanked President Nieto for his part in educating Mexicans on the facts outline in the executive action on immigration, which was announced on November 20th, 2014.  President Obama has been steadfast in his contention that Mexicans understand that the protection from deportation is being offered only to undocumented immigrants who have been in the US for years.  He has also been very clear regarding another topic: taxes. Undocumented immigrants who have resided in the US for over five years will have to start paying taxes upon successful registration.

President Obama has also gone on record to state that border patrol efforts will be intensified to try and curb future incidences of undocumented immigrants. Those caught trying to cross borders illegally will be sent back to their respective countries of origin. The President’s actions will also allow for the deportation of individuals who are a threat to national security and/or public safety. Immigration enforcement has been given the greenlight to “place anyone suspected of terrorism, violent criminals, gang members, and recent border crossers at the top of the deportation priority list.”

Immigrant Children

Following the widely publicized images last summer of children being detained as they await deportation to their respective home countries, President Obama is eager to find solutions that will avert these types of cases of migrants. The Obama administration is keen on trying to reduce and eventually eliminate immigration of children. The White House reflected on the partnership with President Nieto, who stated that there has been a reduction in the stream of immigrant children.

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