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Republicans Ask President’s Attorney General Nominee to Weigh in on Immigration Plan

As President Barack Obama gears up to take executive action, in and attempt to at least partially fixed the nation’s immigration woes, the president also finds himself in need of an Attorney General to help them implement his plan. This is because Obama’s current Attorney general of six years, Eric Holder, is retiring, and the president has decided to replace him with standout attorney Lorretta Lynch. Despite the fact that no one questions Lynch’s qualifications to be the nation’s top lawyer, some Republicans nevertheless wish to know her opinion on Obama’s immigration plans before confirming her.

Loretta Lynch is currently the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. She was nominated by President Barack Obama in early November to replace the retiring Holder. If confirmed, Lynch would be the first African American woman to hold the powerful position of U.S Attorney General. But in a time of increase rhetoric surrounding the nation’s undocumented immigrants, Lynch’s nomination could potentially be held up by her professional opinion relating to the legality of Obama’s proposed executive actions on immigration.

Republican senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, joined with others from the GOP, have indicated that they would like to know Lynch’s professional legal opinion as to whether or not President Obama has the constitutional authority to normalize the immigration status as of millions of undocumented immigrants through executive action. It is not immediately clear whether or not Lynch’s answers to this line of questioning will affect her overall likelihood of being confirmed. However, the fact that she will face such questions on the record is significant.

With Eric Holder retiring, president Obama is in a position where he needs an Attorney general. Should the Lynch nomination be derailed as a result of her answers to questions about Obama immigration executive actions, not only would such a situation put the president’s ability to nominate an Attorney general in doubt, it would also cast a shadow over his ability to issue such executive actions. Therefore, though it is currently not predicted that Lynch will fail to be confirmed specifically due to this reason, should her nomination fall as a result of the president’s plans, the already murky situation for immigrants in the country will likely become even less clear.

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