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Senator Asks for Tech Giants’ Help with Immigration Reform

h1b.jpgOne popular misconception regarding immigrants is that they primarily come to the United States and work in labor-intensive low-wages jobs, such as those involving construction and farm work. While it is true that many immigrants do find their way into such work conditions, many immigrants also come to the country specifically in order to work in skilled trades such as in the capacity of engineers, computer programmers, and other high tech work. Now a U.S. senator is asking for the country’s high tech companies to join him in the call for comprehensive immigration reform.

High tech companies often take advantage of the H1-B visa program in order to recruit skilled workers from other countries. Recently, such tech giants as Google and Microsoft have begun to complain that the skilled worker visa program is not sophisticated or large enough to meet the needs of the country’s tech sector. Now Democratic Senator Dick Durbin is calling on technology companies across the country to not only focus on the H1-B visa program, but to instead join him in a push to overhaul the nation’s immigration policies from the bottom up.

In an open letter to tech executives Durbin advised the companies that they should recognize the fact that the nation’s immigration woes do not just affect technology companies. Instead, the lack of a responsible immigration policy, Durbin says, affects the American people by allowing “unscrupulous employers” to import “cheap foreign labor”. Durbin is essentially asking more tech executives to follow the lead of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who recently founded a website which has comprehensive immigration reform as its primary focus.

In addition to targeting executives of high-tech companies, Durbin also invited his Republican colleagues to join him in the push for comprehensive immigration reform. In particular, Durbin warned that over emphasis on the H1-B program can be detrimental to the larger goal of accomplishing true reform which would benefit millions of immigrants, as opposed to just thousands of skilled workers.

It is likely that Senator Durbin’s open letter is in response to a recent initiative, hatched by the technology industry, to lobby Congress for reforms of the H1-B visa program. While major players, including big technology companies, Congress, and the President, all fight to have their way in any future immigration legislation which may come about, the average person seems to be left out. The Austin immigration attorney at Lyttle Law Firm fight for the little guy. We have the experience and dedication needed to take on your case and help you achieve the best possible outcome. If you have a pressing immigration issue, and would like assistance, visit our website or call us now at 512-215-5225.

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