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Senator Marco Rubio Supports Streamlined Visas for Highly Qualified Immigrants

As one of the leaders of the Republican Party and a prominent voice for immigration reform, Senator Marco Rubio is a key figure in the push to pass a comprehensive immigration reform package. Being one of three Cuban American Senators in the U.S. Congress and the only Republican, Sen. Rubio is likely to play a leading role in the political battles that will swirl around this controversial legislation. As an immigration lawyer in Austin, I am encouraged that Sen. Rubio and other Congressional leaders are willing to take action on immigration.
At a recent meeting of educators sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Sen. Rubio cited the loss of thousands of well-qualified professionals due to an immigration system that denies visas to even the most highly talented and credentialed. Rubio stated that thousands of job vacancies go unfilled at American high-tech companies, while capable candidates who could fill those positions take their skills overseas to nations that are more welcoming.
Not only does this produce a labor gap for many companies, but this also eliminates the thousands of jobs that could be generated if talented entrepreneurs were allowed to establish companies in the U.S. Instead those business founders are going to countries like Canada and Australia, which have considerably more lenient immigration policies.
Rubio cited the brain drain that restrictive immigration policies have created. He cited the thousands of gifted students that come to the U.S. to receive college and post-graduate educations but are then forced to leave the country once their student visas expire. The illogic of exporting the brightest and best is not only damaging American companies and the economy, but it is giving foreign companies a competitive advantage.
Rubio went on to say that this is a compelling reason to push through new immigration measures that would permit highly qualified students, entrepreneurs and professionals to remain and work in the United States. Many other Congressional leaders have recognized the need for change regarding highly skilled workers, but there has been little agreement between the two parties on how to implement the changes.
With Sen. Rubio, President Obama and other political leaders eager to pass a comprehensive immigration reform package, the time is ripe for changes in the visa system to occur. Many American business leaders have also voiced their support for the government to widen the nation’s doors to talented professionals, especially those in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This particular provision is one that is viewed as less controversial and is likely to receive widespread support.
As a seasoned immigration lawyer, I have seen many efforts by political leaders to enact changes in the highly complex and, often, inequitable immigration system. I support the idea of attracting the best and brightest to help make America more competitive and a leader in the new economy.

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