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A group of undocumented Mexican immigrants is filing a lawsuit against Oregon, requesting the state repeal a 2014 ballot measure that prevents them from applying for driver’s licenses. The lawsuit, filed by five foreign nationals, comes in the heels of Oregon voters defeating Measure 88 in 2014. Two-thirds of voters voted to deny the initiative. Out of thirty-six counties in Oregon, thirty-five were in favor of denying licenses to undocumented immigrants. All congressional districts, represented mostly by Democrats, also voted to withhold licenses to undocumented immigrants, suggesting a strong bipartisan backing of the issue.

Measure 88 Unconstitutional

The only problem is that the rejection of Measure 88 can be deemed as unconstitutional, as it arbitrarily denies driving privileges “to Plaintiffs and others based on their membership in a disfavored minority group.”

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