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drivingA permanent injunction issued by a federal judge in Arizona now mandates that the state government must grant drivers licenses to immigrants who have been issued deferred action through the DACA program. This marks a significant victory for the Obama administration, which has been facing significant opposition from Republicans in the House of Representatives, as well as various other state governments across the country, over recent changes to immigration policy.

US District Court Judge David Campbell introduced the injunction last week, which will enable immigrants to receive state issued driver’s licenses in Arizona. Immigrants who are part of the President’s Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) program are now eligible to seek employment under federal guidelines.

Naturally, the ruling has been well received by the immigrant population in the state. Arizona authorities can now grant licenses to more 80,000 participants of the DACA program. The permanent injunction has been designed to enable Dreamers, those who benefit from the program,  to drive their own vehicles to work. Even as their immigration status still remains unsettled, the ruling will help individuals to lead a more comfortable life in the United States.

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