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handcuffs-219261_1280One of the more controversial immigration issues that continue to draw the attention of the American public is the detention procedures enacted by U.S. immigration authorities. Several areas of concern crop up whenever the subject of detention is mentioned. One of the areas of concern that immigrants and human rights advocates focus on revolves around the treatment of transgender detainees who are in immigration detention centers. In the past, authorities of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement have come under fire for the alleged treatment that transgender detainees were exposed to. Now, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have come forward with an expressed commitment to safeguarding the rights of transgender detainees.

Recently, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office has released updated guidelines that deal with detention procedures. A part of these guidelines explicitly cover concerns regarding the treatment of transgender detainees. The publicized guidelines include statements that prohibit against harassment and discrimination while the detainees are in detention centers. “Discrimination or harassment of any kind based on a detainee’s actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity is strictly prohibited,” according to the new guidelines. One of the significant updates in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention guidelines covers the procedure involving transgender immigrants. The major additions include orders that officials should ask transgender immigrant detainees whether they would prefer to be detained with men or women.

The script used by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials when they deal with transgender immigrants has been fashioned to draw out voluntary responses from the detainees. The decision to disclose one’s gender identity solely lies with the detainee. Officials of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office are also encouraged to ask transgender detainees about their requirements that surround medical issues, grooming requirements, preferred usage of pronouns, etc.

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fence-690578_640Undocumented immigrants residing in the United States face the very real possibility of being deported once they are found by immigration authorities. Every year, hordes of immigrants come to the United States in the hopes of fleeing some form of persecution or severe poverty from their countries of origin. If caught, these immigrants are placed under removal proceedings. If an immigrant is able to prove that he faces the possibility of persecution upon being deported back to his country, then the removal proceedings may be suspended. One of the controversial practices that President Obama’s administration has implemented is to detain immigrant mothers and their children who are going through removal proceedings. Recent developments have turned the tide in favor of immigrants who may be caught in this exact circumstance.

The Obama administration has formally announced its decision to abandon the practice of detaining immigrant mothers and their children. There are a number of reasons that may have influenced this decision. One possibility is the issue surrounding cost. Each immigrant family that is detained by authorities can result in costs that go all the way up to $342 a day. Authorities in the U.S. Homeland Security agency have stated that this cost prohibitive practice is an egregious waste of state resources.

The amount of controversy that the practice has attracted may also have influenced the decision to curtail it completely. Several cases involving the suicide attempts of immigrants who were held in immigrant detention facilities have attracted the ire of the supporters of the immigration cause. Currently there are three active detention centers in the United States. The family detention centers operate out of Berks County, Pa., and Karnes City and Dilly, Texas. While the practice of detaining immigrant families has been suspended indefinitely, the detention centers will not be shuttered. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has stated that the detention centers will remain open.

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