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us philsThe announcement of amnesty as part of President Barack Obama’s immigration reform plan came as welcome news for millions of undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States. The details behind the executive action, however, have been slow in coming and many have found them to be somewhat confusing which is why a number of organizations within the nation’s American-Filipino community have initiated public information drives in response to the President’s announcement in an effort to educate the public in general and the potentially eligible immigrants in particular regarding the specifics of the plan and how it could impact them and their families.

Education is the Goal

So far there have been two public forums to provide information about the policy changes, both in the New York/New Jersey area. One was held in Jersey City and the other in Queens and both were standing room only. The goal of the forums, according to officials with the Filipino Immigrants and Workers Organizing Project, is to assist members of the Filipino community in the Northeastern United States and across the country to develop a clear understanding about the new immigration policy. They want undocumented Filipinos and their families to be as informed as possible “about the resources [available to them] and [the] help that they can get.”

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