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Focus on High – Skilled Immigrant Workers Brings Up Reform IssuesThe different perspectives surrounding the subject of immigration have prevented an extensive degree of reform from being implemented. Democrats and Republicans have clashed over immigration concerns but one area where they do reach some form of agreement stems from the value that highly skilled immigrant workers possess. Both parties see highly skilled immigrant workers to be a positive force for the economy of the United States. In spite of this shared view, there is still a split when it comes to ensuring that highly skilled immigrant workers get to operate within the country. The slow amount of progress could be attributed to the hierarchy of priorities that each camp holds in regard. While Democrats are keen on establishing a clear cut path to giving skilled immigrant workers legal status, Republicans find border concerns to take precedence over everything else.

The scope of the implementation of immigration reform is something that Democrats and Republicans disagree in. The former favors a comprehensive approach towards instituting reform while the latter prefers to engage the issue through a series of measured steps. In terms of implementation, scope is a big issue. However, both parties do find some kind of middle ground when it comes to ensuring that the best workers and talents get to stay within the United States. This sense of agreement could be seen as a path towards implementing more extensive immigration reform and resolving the ideological split that both parties have as far as the future of immigrants are concerned.

The United States economy stands to benefit a great deal by increasing the number of highly skilled immigrant workers in the country. By increasing the number of green cards afforded to highly skilled immigrant workers, more foreign entrepreneurs will be allowed to set up shop in U.S. soil. This scenario would drive up the amount of job opportunities made available to U.S. residents.