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Immigrants Shape AmericaImmigration issues continue to wrack the United States but for undocumented immigrants residing in California, a great deal of headway is being made. Historically, California has expressed a great deal of support for issues that face undocumented immigrants. The state has provided several benefits for immigrants like drivers licenses, financial and educational aid, measures to protect immigrant from unjust deportation, and even labor laws that benefit immigrant workers. Now the state is poised to contribute more to the cause by implementing a slew of proposals that specifically address immigrant concerns. The proposals are being referred to in their entirety as the “Immigrants Shape California” package. The state’s decision provides a stark contrast to the delays that have prevented Congress from passing significant and far reaching immigration reform policies.

There are two major benefits that will affect the welfare of immigrants in California once this group of bills is passed. Undocumented immigrants would be able to avail of Medi – Cal coverage and immigrant workers should be able to enjoy stronger labor law protective measures. The “Immigrants Shape California” package contains 10 proposals all in all. The measures were introduced during a press conference where several undocumented immigrants and their children were present.

The move to introduce more benefits for immigrants is characteristic of California as a state. Historically, the area has been built largely through the efforts of its first settlers, a majority of them immigrants themselves. Several policy makers are aware of this history and see this move as an explicit show of support to the plight of undocumented immigrants. The extension of Medi – Cal coverage is not something that the state hasn’t attempted to do in the past. The previous proposal for Medi – Cal coverage was derailed by an exorbitant need for funding. The current attempt to extend Medi – Cal coverage to low income immigrants comes with a projected range cost of about $400 million to $800 million.

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