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The Country Waits for Obama to Make a Move on Immigration

immigration-flag.jpgThe fight over the nation’s immigration policy is heating up as the President promises to take executive action designed to help normalize the immigration statuses of millions of undocumented immigrants. Supporting him are millions of undocumented immigrants and their families, as well as much of the nation’s democratic political leadership. Opposing the President’s plan are many of the nation’s Republican leaders and their supporters.

The one of the key questions relating to President Barack Obama’s plans to issue executive orders which will shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation is when the President will take this action. With the Congress set to pass a budget for the nation on or before December 11, the President’s plans put him on a potential collision course with the Republican dominated House of Representatives. Specifically, many analysts wonder if Republican leaders will risk shutting down the nation’s government, as happened in October 2013, as a way to dissuade President Obama from taking the executive actions.

News reports indicate that the President could act as early as Friday, November 21. Should the President issue his executive orders before the month of December the republican leadership in the House of Representatives, where all appropriation bills must the begin, will essentially have the opportunity to attempt to block funding needed for the implementation of the President’s executive orders. However, considering the fact that the President may veto any bill which defunds his orders, passing such an appropriations bill could lead to a stalemate and a partial closing of the U.S. government.

Some supporters of the President are encouraging him to wait until after an appropriations bill is passed to the issue his executive orders. They argue that, once the appropriations bill is passed, there is far less risk of a governmental shutdown. However, other supporters urge him to take action immediately.

Shutting down the government, or at least contributing to its eventual shutdown, holds unknown political consequences for both the President and the Republican leadership. While the 2013 shutdown seemed not to hurt the Republicans, and may have even buoyed their chances in 2014, it is not clear how another shutdown would play with the voting population. But, considering the fact that President Obama’s supporters are overwhelmingly in favor of his executive actions, it seems highly likely that the President will act sooner rather than later.

If you are looking for assistance with an immigration related matter, it is best to seek the assistance you need now instead of waiting. For example, even under the President’s proposed executive actions, undocumented immigrants would receive a reprieve from deportation, but would not be able to travel back to their country of origin and then reenter the United States legally. If you are looking to normalize your immigration status called the Austin immigration attorneys at the Lyttle law firm at 512-215-5225.

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