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Two Executive Orders Aimed At Welcoming Undocumented Immigrants

QuinnGovenor Pat Quinn has announced two executive orders that will help to make undocumented immigrants feel more welcomed in Illinois.

On Monday, Gov. Quinn instructed the Governor’s Office on New Americans to elect a liasison for every state agency to get the most benefit from President Obama’s newest executive action concerning undocumented immigrants. This action cuts back on the numbers of deportation and allows work permits to immigrants who arrived in the U.S. illegally. Quinn also states in the excutive order “community policing efforts are hindered” when immigrants who are victims of, or witness, crimes are wary of cooperating because they fear they will be deported.

Welcoming Centers to Help Undocumented Immigrants

Quinn also stated that the 10 Welcoming Centers in Illinois should help people who are trying to apply for federal action, and that all state agencies need to provide information on how to get the necessary records in order to move forward.

4% of Illinois Population Will Be Helped

Govenor Quinn, a Chicago Democrat, states that about 4% of the population of Illinois could receive help from President Obama’s action.

An order was also issued by Quinn prohibiting state law enforcement officers from detaining a person just on the basis of an immigration detainer.

The state will have a new governor in less than a week but Quinn wanted to make sure that Illinois was welcoming and helpful to undocumented immigrants.

Building Relationships Between Undocumented Immigrants And The Law

Another executive order would help to build relationships between undocumented immigrants and local law enforcement. Quinn has stated we should embrace immigrants and be thankful for their contributions to the United States.

Welcoming People From Different Places

Quinn states, “I can’t forget Jakub from Poland. He came to America with his mom and became a Marine. He lost his life in Iraq. It’s important to welcome people from other places. Just like three soldiers, all Mexican-American. They became Marines and lost their lives far away. When I went to their funerals, I remember the mayor of Aurora saying those who are bashing immigrants ought to take a look at the surnames of these Marines and what they mean to our country. It’s everybody in and nobody left out.”

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