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U.S. Government Grapples With Immigrant Detention Issues

passengers-519008_1280Every year, immigrants enter the United States in search of asylum. A number of immigration cases involve individuals who are fleeing from some form of persecution that they would be subjected to in their countries of origin. A great deal of controversy hounds the methods that the U.S. government uses to deal with these cases. Recently, different sectors have expressed concern over the decision of President Obama’s administration to detain families who are fleeing from violence in Central America. The government’s policy of detaining these immigrant families for an indefinite period of time has been called out for being unjust and inhumane.

Organizations have noted that the policy of detaining undocumented immigrants exposes them to a great deal of trauma The Human Rights Watch has linked cases of suicide and depression among detained immigrant families to the harrowing experience of being held in federal detention facilities. People who support the plight of these immigrants are looking for solutions to the government’s detention policies. Negotiations have been initiated in the federal court in an attempt to address the issue but a concrete ruling will not come to pass until after the case’s May 24 deadline has been reached.

One of the main concerns that immigrant families want to resolve involves the future of detained immigrant women and their children after they have been processed by the administration’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement office. Immigrant supporters want the detention centers to be shuttered. In response, officials of ICE have issued statements that point towards an attempt to improve the conditions that detained immigrant families are exposed to in these centers. ICE representatives have expressed that detained immigrants will be given greater access to their lawyers and case review processes will be renewed within 90 and 60 day intervals. The case review process attempts to discern whether the decision to detain the undocumented immigrant in question is justifiable.

In spite of these statements, immigrants and their supporters still feel that the proposals lack a substantial amount of weight. Some Human Rights Watch officials are interpreting these proposals to be a tactic that fails to directly address the need for extensive immigration reform. As far as issues of immigration reform are concerned, eliminating the detention centers completely is the only decision that can satisfy the palpable sense of unease and dissatisfaction that undocumented immigrants experience.

Detaining undocumented immigrants is just one of the reform issues that President Obama’s administration is grappling with. The backlog of immigration related cases continues to increase at a pace that is too great for the U.S. legal system to address effectively. With all of these issues coming to a head, the need for immigration reform takes on a pressing sense of importance. Cases involving the complexities of immigration law and the detention of undocumented immigrants require the knowledge of a capable team of lawyers. If you or someone you know needs legal counsel regarding immigration issues, please contact the immigration attorneys at Lyttle Law Firm in Austin, Texas by visiting our website or calling us today at 512-215-5225.

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