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Undocumented Immigrants Fight Deportations At White House

file0001343017468.jpgThe beltway immigration community is maintaining its ongoing attempt to closely follow the immigration debate as the House immigration group continues to lose momentum with their reforms. The group demonstrated its position by seeing its individual members chain themselves to the gates of the White House in creative protest of recent events. The group was also protesting a perceived loss of ground on immigration issues. By making this public protest outside of none other than the president’s “house,” they were evidencing their displeasure at Obama’s lack of direction in taking a stand on necessary immigration policies.

In the above recent protest, seven members of the immigration community chained themselves to the gates in the nation’s front yard. While the Senate passed a broad immigration bill this past July, which would permit the nation’s eleven million undocumented immigrants to apply for citizenship, 1,000 undocumented individuals each day are being deported by the Obama administration.

The group’s decision to concentrate their energy on Obama administration’s activities and policies rather than focusing on the House Republicans who have power over the fate of a potential overhaul of the nation’s immigration law has been problematic. It has fueled controversy over how leadership in Washington should proceed.

Some immigration specialists believe that this emphasis on the Executive branch and President Obama is risky. Various immigration activists contend that the focus for change should remain on the actions of the House of Representatives.They do not believe that the immigration group should consider the legislative route as dead and focus solely on the president for action.

Marisa Franco, a campaign organizer for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, which organized Wednesday’s White House fence activity, contends that “[The immigrant] community simply can’t afford to put all our eggs in one basket. The…beltway might have a particular thinking that they have the right way, but when you talk to people whose lives hang in the balance every day … they can’t wait.”

Franco’s thoughts resonate loudly among immigrants fighting this battle, which is why groups are now looking to Obama to take action to expand his program on behalf of immigrants. In her eyes, Franco feels as though Obama’s new program has halted the deportations and given work permits to more than 450,000 undocumented immigrants. Because of this, immigration advocacy groups are changing their focus from a Congressional resolution to an Executive resolution.

Many people feel that taking additional time to decide which branch should be expected to enact workable immigration solutions will take too long because of additional changes in the immigration climate which have been mounting for quite some time.

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