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White House Delays on Immigration Won’t Stop Supporter Efforts

the-white-house-1413242-m.jpgPresident Obama has received an inordinate amount of pressure in recent weeks regarding what advocates feel is a much needed and long overdue immigration overhaul. Said advocates made promises last week to continue to pressure the White House to take decisive and definitive action to revamp immigration policy after indications were made by officials that deportation policy changes may be postponed until after the elections in November. Such sentiments have not gone over well with immigration supporters and many have made it clear that they want the President to “stop the deportation of our families” and that they plan to hold him to account until such changes are made.

Walking a Fine Line Between Congress and Immigration Advocates

For the President’s part, he has s expressed his growing frustration with Congress’s lack of forward progress on immigration and has stated that he is ready and willing to use his executive power to implement policy changes if he doesn’t see movement soon. The White House, however, as well intentioned as it may actually be is struggling with a significant amount of legal and political problems inherent to making the kinds of significant changes that are needed in order to appease supporters and trying to do so without approval from Congress. As a result, Obama declared that he may actually push back the end-of-the-summer deadline that he imposed on reform so that he would have more time to do what he feels needs to be done.

The executive director of one immigration advocacy group in particular intimated that the expectations among supporters are unprecedentedly high. He also added that if there is indeed additional delay as the President has alluded to, the emotional upheaval and disappointment is almost certainly going to be “profound”. Other advocate group representatives issued what essentially amounted to warnings that any delays will be a detriment to those individuals who are undocumented as well as to their families because they will not be able to remain together. On average, there are about one thousand deportations out of the United States every day.

A Plan That Would Appease Democrats in Republican States?

There is a proposal being discussed that would push decisions regarding several of the more controversial changes until after November. This plan would see Obama making an initial announcement regarding steps that the administration would take to more stringently enforce current immigration laws followed by delaying a decision about a more expansive and detailed reform package until closer to the end of the year, one which has the potential to prevent deportation for millions of undocumented immigrants. Such a plan would appease Democrats in Republican states who have stated that they are opposed to Obama’s unilateral immigration plans and who believe the President should wait for Congressional legislation.

For now, Congress will be returning from recess after the Labor Day holiday and will be passing legislation for government funding, a task that is required to be completed by the end of September when the current law expires. What happens beyond that remains to be seen.

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