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White House-ordered Deportation Raids Lead to Arrest of 87 Immigrants in Las Vegas and Reno

Over the last 5 days, immigration officials conducted sweeps in Reno and Las Vegas, detaining 87 immigrants identified as threats to public safety. Most of the immigrants, who come from at least 9 different countries, have been charged with several criminal offenses, while those with outstanding deportation orders or have a history of illegal entry are reportedly to be removed immediately.

For those not facing criminal charges, they are set to appear in an immigration court and process for administrative removal.

The mass arrests come in the wake of widespread deportation raids that commenced during the start of the year. Naturally, these sweeps didn’t sit well with immigration activists, who have criticized the Obama administration for unfairly targeting undocumented immigrants.

Meanwhile, President Obama announced last week that immigration officials would conduct another round of deportation raids that would run for 30 days.

According to Daniel Bible, field office director of Enforcement and Removal Operations Salt Lake City, which provides oversight for Nevada operations, “This operation exemplifies [Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s] ongoing commitment to targeting convicted criminals and public safety threats for apprehension and removal. By taking these individuals off our streets and ultimately removing them from the country, we are making our communities safer for everyone.”

Reno Detainees

Of the 22 immigrant detainees arrested in Reno, many of whom whose have not been disclosed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) out of privacy laws, include a 33-year-old Mexican native with a checkered history of drug trafficking, DUI, and domestic violence. Another Mexican national, age 19, was found to have a history of robbery and resisting arrest.

Las Vegas Detainees

On the other hand, authorities have released the identities of 3 detainees in Las Vegas, one of whom is a Mexican national, age 55, with a history of moving and pushing heroin. Another is also a Mexican national, age 57, who was sentenced to 4 to 10 years of prison for lewdness with a child under 14.  Lastly, authorities arrested a Salvador national, age 47, with several prior convictions, such as a statutory sexual seduction conviction.

History of Violence and Repeat Violations

Immigration officials have been operating under a direct order from the White House to apprehend immigrants with a history of violence and criminal charges since at least 2014. That same year, President Obama announced an executive order that would extend deportation relief to undocumented immigrant parents, whose children have attained citizenship or permanent legal resident status.

At the same time, Secretary Jeh Johnson of the Department of Homeland Security issued a memo stating the agency’s priorities were immigrants who posed a threat to public safety, as well as border and national security.

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