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Wisconsin Governor’s Stance on Legal Immigration Comes under Fire

5EA2FE752FIssues related to immigration make headlines in major news outlets on a constant basis. For the most part, these stories involve methods that some undocumented immigrants use to enter the United States. When the methods used to enter the United States lie outside the boundaries of the law, the sense of concern could be justified. The controversy begins to surface when pundits and government officials question legal immigration methods. One of the most relevant examples of this incident involves Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker. Walker’s stance when it comes to immigration concerns has been subjected to speculation because of his tendency to shift from one stance to another.

Governor Walker can now be counted as one of the government officials who have suddenly adopted a negative stance when it comes to the prospect of legal immigration. Recent statements issued by Walker clearly depict his stance on the immigration debate. Walker says that the government needs to direct its efforts towards protecting American workers and their professional prospects. As far as Walker is concerned, legal immigration methods are detrimental to these aspirations. This development is perplexing for several observers because of Walker’s history on issues related to immigration. In the past, Walker has expressed favorable views when it comes to legal immigration so the sudden shift from one stream of thought to its polar opposite makes his motives questionable.

In the past, the thought that legal immigration methods pose a threat to the economic growth of the United States has been constantly debunked by several sectors. Studies have found that the knowledge, technical skills, and sense of diversity brought in by immigrants actually boost the economy’s growth. These same studies also invalidate claims that immigrants take job opportunities away from other Americans. Pro immigration representatives even go as far as to state that the influx of skilled immigrants increase the availability of job opportunities in the United States. This argument is based on the fact that Immigrants have started businesses within the United States that contribute to healthy economic growth rates.

By choosing to base his approach to immigration on labor protection, Walker has confounded political observers. Several pro – immigration officials have not suffered in terms of public opinion in spite of the stance that they have adopted. It could even be argued that Walker’s sudden change of heart can severely derail his political chances if he continues to pursue this line of thinking. An aggressive stance against immigrants could result in a loss of support for Walker from registered voters who are sympathetic to the plight of undocumented immigrants.

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